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Hi, I'm Neko-me and this is the place where you will find my Safe For Work art. I won't post anything which is even a little bit NSFW, so I'll keep this blog strictly SFW.

Be nice and I'll be nice too!

You may know me from DeviantArt.

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Ohhhhhhh so many things I wish to discuss.




In case anyone has not seen and wishes to!

(Slight spoilers maybe, but obviously nothing dream-shattering!)

Spoiler: Spike is a derp

That’s looks to be awesome! o3o

Oh boy!!! Will be awesome!!!!

You should draw some maud pie. She is so cute
nekomesponyworld nekomesponyworld Said:

Funny you mentioned it. I’ve been planning to draw her for quite some time, but couldn’t think of a creative scene. Any ideas? (Open question to anyone!!!)

'Teardrops in the sky'

Commission for RGLloyd on DA.
I don’t usually comment my drawings, but I’ll make an exception here. This is a long overdue comish, but I’m glad I could finally manage to finish it. Over 100 hours of work, over 150 layers and occassional desperation: pretty much what the picture is made up. I really hope you’ll like it as much as the commissioner.

Finally, I uploaded all the older art, so from now on I’ll upload the newest drawings I make.