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Hi, I'm Neko-me and this is the place where you will find my Safe For Work art. I won't post anything which is even a little bit NSFW, so I'll keep this blog strictly SFW.

Be nice and I'll be nice too!

You may know me from DeviantArt.

Commission Status: CLOSED!


'Dance with me'

Commission for Lt-Colonel-Sharpy

A good book, candle light, a friend
Commission for Arxuicy

Shade Glass commissioned by Dilaculo.


Well this is it. I want to keep this short and sweet, yet be very thankful at the same time.
Thank you so much everybody, I never imagined that almost a year and a half ago that anything I’d do like this would scrape a couple hundred followers, let alone 5,000.
To show my appreciation, everyone who reblogs this post will be entered once into a draw. On the 6th of September, 10 people will be randomly chosen and will get a reasonable request drawing of their fancy.
I will announce the winners on deviantArt as well as on Tumblr.
Thank you so much everyone again! <3


All 10 open slots are now taken so I’m closing commissions for a while. Thank you so much for commissioning me, they are on the way, I’m only asking for a little patience. (If you have any further questions about the progress of your pic, don’t hesitate to write me an ask or on Deviantart:

Only Two (2) slots are open! If you want a commission, send me an ask or a note on DA:

Slot 1: TAKEN (DONE)
Slot 2: TAKEN (DONE)
Slot 3: TAKEN (DONE)
Slot 4: TAKEN
Slot 5: TAKEN
Slot 6: TAKEN
Slot 7: TAKEN
Slot 8: TAKEN
Slot 9: OPEN
Slot 10: OPEN


'Among the Pink clouds'

Commission for Dilaculo on DA

Commission for Zanju on DA also know as TheMyth on fimfiction: (go and read his stories, they are beyond amazing!)